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September 2007 -
Nanyang Business
Nanyang Siang Pau
May 2007 -
Information Technology
Shang Hai
21 May 2007 -
Arbitrage opportunity
in asiaEP-W
The Edge
30 April 2007 -
asiaEP out to prove itself
The Edge
27 March 2007 -
B2B.ITAH Soft Launched
Oriental Daily News
The Edge
The Star
New Straits Times
Nanyang Siang Pau
26 February 2007 -
Special Community Search
Engine to be launched
24 February 2007 -
The Star BizWeek
Googling for growth 1
Googling for growth 2


In today’s global, internet-enabled economy, to keep up in an increasingly competitive and fast changing business landscape, companies need to make their services and products available to customers anytime and anywhere. asiaEP provides a range of IT services that help companies to improve performance, gain strategic advantage, and position themselves at the forefront of this changing marketplace.


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